Application Door


    • Doors are the entry and exit points for any property and IHMS brings a set of FLUSH DOORS, Doors with View Glass and Doors with louvers.
    • IHMS provides a door that can hold up to the rigors of your business, expected efficiency of your commercial place and support for your household. Our doors for general application provides a long-lasting and reliable performance. That’s why many requirements are turning towards IHMS for general application doors.


Door Skin Material

Galvanized Steel As Per IS 277/ Stainless Steel 304 Grade, No.4 Finish.

Door Skin Thickness

0.8mm/1.2 mm/ 1.6 mm

Frame Material

Galvanized Material as per IS 277/ Stainless Steel 304 Grade, No.4 Finish.

Frame Sheet Thickness

1.2mm/ 1.6mm/ 2.0 mm

View Glass

Single Glazed with glass trim / bead. Size shall be minimum 150 mm to 750 mm in width, minimum 150 mm to 1600 mm in height. However the standard sizes are 150 x 750 mm, 200x 300 mm, 300 x 300 mm, 350 x 750 mm, 450 x 750 mm.


Pure Polyester Powder Coated to any RAL shade/wood stained to withstand 300 hours of salt spray.

Infill Materials

Honeycomb/ Polyurethane Foam/ Mineral Wool/ Steel Stiffened

Door Thickness

Minimum 47 mm


The Frame and Shutters shall be wrapped with protective film and put into corrugated boxes. The boxes shall be crated or palletised depending on the quantity and mode of transport.

Frame Profile (Standard)

Single Rebated frame shall be 100x 58 mm and double rebated profile 150 mm x 58 mm. The frames are manufactured with miter joints as a standard and in knock down condition.

Non Standard Frame Profiles

Non Standard Frame Profiles can be manufactured on demand. The depth shall vary from 80 mm to 450 mm for single and double rebated frames

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